Awareness to Action

May 18th is Mental Health Action Day! This global movement is about shifting the culture of mental health from awareness to action. We challenge you to dedicate one hour to take action for your mental health. Then post about it using #MentalHealthAction. Here is a list of 18 actions you can take to support yourself and your mental health. 1. Go for a walk 2. Take a few minutes to meditate 3. Write an entry in your journal 4. Do a breathing exercise 5. Listen to a wellness podcast 6. Download a wellness app 7. Enjoy the outdoors 8. Get creative - color, draw or doodle 9. Make a gratitude list 10. Take or schedule a fitness or yoga class 11. Listen to your favorite music 12. Take a nap 13. Disconnect from your phone 14. Sign up to volunteer at your favorite org 15. Text a friend or a loved one 16. Check-in with yourself 17. Eat a healthy snack 18. Seek help from a friend or professional