For Clinicians

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Completing the clinical licensure process can be overwhelming, but we are here to help with supervision!

Our available supervisors are state and board approved. They help clinicians through the process of obtaining independent license for social work and/or play therapy credentialing.

Our supervisors help develop goals, work towards clinical competency and support clinical development through individual supervision.

Meet Our Supervisors:

Social Work Supervision

An LCSW Approved Supervisor maintains extensive training and experience in social work, as well as completes a 40-hour board-approved supervision training. Supervisors also engage in regular continuing education to maintain their status. To become an LCSW in Texas, an LMSW must have a minimum of 100 hours of clinical supervision from an approved supervisor and 3000 hours of practice. For more information about LCSW supervision, please go to the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council.

RPT Supervision/Consultation

A Registered Play Therapist Supervisor is a registered play therapist who has extensive training and knowledge of play therapy and is approved by the Association for Play Therapy to supervise. To become an RPT, one must have at least 35 hours of clinical supervision from an RPT-S, 350 hours of supervised play therapy experience, and 150 hours of APT-approved play therapy instruction/training in specific areas. For more information on becoming an RPT, please go to the Association for Play Therapy.