Hope for Heroes

Hope for Heroes logo A recent report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) highlighted that veterans, their families, and service members have unique holistic needs. These needs require culturally competent approaches with multidisciplinary services and treatments. Additionally, the National Veterans Foundation found that service members form a lingering sense of comradery after service. Most veterans establish trust with peers, counselors, and other providers that are also veterans (or close family members of veterans) that have “walked the walk.”

Trust and Respect

It is well-known that most veterans prefer working with other veterans because of joint trust and respect. Because of this, the various branches of the military, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and the Texas Veterans Commission have developed programs that hinge on the concept of veterans helping veterans. However, some veterans prefer using behavioral health services outside their military base or the VA.


At Samaritan Center, we strive to create a veteran-friendly climate and culture that allows veterans to feel supported. Therefore, we hire providers that are not only dedicated to serving veterans but are also connected to the military family. Our Hope for Heroes program embodies a multidisciplinary, military-competent holistic approach that benefits veterans, service members, and their families.

Hope for Heroes

Our Hope for Heroes program primarily supports veterans, first responders, current service members, and their families. The multidisciplinary team consists of extensively trained counseling therapists, licensed acupuncturists, certified peer specialists, and administrators. A larger number of our Hope for Heroes workers are veterans themselves, children, or spouses of veterans. The team routinely consults with each other and staff military-related cases. Our Certified peers are in the community every day. We’re here to help in times of need or crisis. The goal is that the veteran’s experience is a positive one from the first contact to the final session.


Hope for Heroes therapists are selected for their considerable military experience, competency, and passion for working with military clients. Additionally, all Hope for Heroes therapists have clinical expertise with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. They have special training in eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR). We also offer Military Sexual Trauma (MST) groups.  The therapists on the team also have expertise with combat and non-combat trauma.


Similarly, our Hope for Heroes Integrative Medicine providers combine holistic (e.g., acupuncture) and conventional medicine to effectively treat chronic pain and other medical issues. Samaritan Center’s Certified Peers in the Hope for Heroes Program are all military veterans with a passion for helping their military brothers and sisters. Our Hope for Heroes intake staff, including our veteran call line (512-466-4454), are friendly and trained in connecting clients with the multidisciplinary services offered in the Hope for Heroes Program at Samaritan Center.

Free Sessions

Veterans and their families could qualify for 6 free sessions of counseling.


Veterans and their family members feel welcome and at home when they walk through the door, virtually or in person. Veterans, service members, and their families are enveloped and instantly feel like they are part of a team. The Hope for Heroes program incorporates a strong feeling of community and belonging.


We have several partnerships in the community to assist veterans at any point in their treatment. We can ensure that the whole person is treated and cared for. Our partnerships include the American Red CrossA New Entry (ANE), Austin Police Department, psychiatrist Dr. HostetterAustin Lakes Psychiatric Hospital, and Hays County VSO.

6,000 and Growing

Hope for Heroes program celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022. We have helped more than 6,000 veterans, service members, and their families. Samaritan Center is proud of this program and invites you to use these services.