Quite the Insight, vol. 2

A Poem By Myself, To Myself


P.T.S.D. is it all in my head? this Perpetual Terror and State of Dread


the weight of chains is heavy on my soul how can so much weight make me feel un-whole?


always prepared to fight but this comes at a price why the need to fight? it’s so much easier to be nice


you pay with your spirit this debt you don’t need always forever wanting and hungry to feed


you learned to be obedient loyal and strong no one ever told you what happened was wrong


you were just a child it was impossible to know why would those that love you treat you like so?


break free from these chains that are heavy on my soul because love is your friend no need to keep them whole


love your inner child for he has missed you he desperately needs your attention to show him how to


the chains that hold him need not sword and hammer they are actually quite light and easy to shatter


love your inner child so that he may see after all, just how easy it is to break free


© Written by a client of Samaritan Center. Reprinted with permission.