Talia Rice, LPC

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I utilize cognitive-behavioral (CBT) strategies in therapy and believe all people can benefit from supportive psychotherapy. Together you and I will change how you feel by changing the way you think. This is done through identifying irrational thinking or flawed perceptions that are causing emotional disturbances in your life. We will work to change those negative thought patterns to a more rational/balanced thinking. This type of therapy is often quite effective for clients suffering from depression or anxiety. Counseling is a process; life won’t change instantly. In each session, you will learn something about yourself and a skill you didn’t have before. As you progress, you will begin to use these skills and these insights to create the life you want.

Before becoming a counselor I was employed with Child Protective Services almost 11 years. Through my experience with Child Protective Services I gained extensive knowledge working with families in crisis and in the legal system. I am passionate about counseling and helping others. I believe we all have a purpose or path in life, but sometimes things happen that knock us off that path. I help people find their way back, find their inner strength, overcome fears and anxiety, and learn to have a happier, healthier life.

Prior to joining Samaritan Center, I provided counseling to Service Members and their families with the National Guard. I am also a military spouse and understand the stress that military life can bring to the family. Being a spouse helps me understand the military culture and the struggles service members face on a daily basis. Each of us has had experiences in our lives that have shaped us, whether good or bad. They shape how we respond to others, how we manage anger, how we communicate, and most importantly how we view ourselves. In exploring these experiences or difficulties, learning healthier coping skills, and improving communication skills, we can have the relationships we want, achieve our personal goals, and get back on that path towards a more fulfilling life.

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